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Are your overscheduled days
pulling you five different ways
between parties and shopping
away from family and friends?

Christmas isn't a race from place to place--
although many have made it that way--
but a time to spend with family and friends
and ponder the Tidings of Great Joy.

So during this season of Peace and Hope, From all your labors and cares and burdens carried for years, God Rest You Merry Gentlemen!

Rest, You Merry Gentlemen

Rest, You Merry Gentlemen

Jeff Thomason
December 12, 2010

I read Christmas stories and watched Christmas shows.
I put up bright lights and played in the snow.
I bought Christmas presents and made Christmas punch
And sat by the fire eating Christmas Eve brunch.

It wasn't the same and hadn't been for years—
The lights and the gifts and the wishes of good cheer.
The snow was still pretty and the decorations still grand,
But somehow it all still felt just a little bit bland.

I wanted to feel that ole' holiday Joy
Like I used to feel when I was a small boy.
But it wasn't in stores or on Christmas displays,
And carolers didn't bring it, much to my dismay.

Where were you Christmas? Where was your spirit?
It couldn't have gone far; I had to be near it.
I'd tried really hard—I'd gone through the motions,
I'd set up my tree and paid my devotions.

And then it hit me: I was trying too hard!
I can't make Christmas happen—It comes on its own.
So I kicked back my head and stared up at the star.
And I finally saw Christmas again—with Wondering Awe.

Wandering Awe

Wondering Awe

Jeff Thomason
November 15, 2003

Do You Hear?

Do you dance in the wonder of new fallen snow
   or curse the cold wind and the ice-covered roads?
Do the lights and the sights make you feel like a child
   or the gripes and the fights make you want to go wild?
Is your mailbox filled up with kind cards of good cheer
   or fliers with specials and discounts and sales?
Are you happy when carolers knock at your door
   or lament the time spent on songs you've heard before?
Are the hustle and bustle a headache to bare
   or an essential part of the holiday fare?
Are you grateful for every gift that you get
   or ask for a receipt so you can return it?

Commotion or emotion; laughter or tears—
   do you hear sadness, or do you hear what I hear?

Do You Hear?

Jeff Thomason
November 30, 2005

Gems are valuable,
because they are rare.
If they were everywhere
no one would care.

Mother's Day comes
but once a year,
because those it honors
are so dear.

Mothers Are Valuable

Mothers Are Valuable

Jeff Thomason
May 9, 2006


Count Your Blessings


Jeff Thomason
November 5, 2007

Angels Heard On High

The old lady of eighty was home alone
Being widowed and childless she sat
Watching the fire and stroking her cat
Wondering if the storm had stopped
And if the snow had piled so high
That it had buried her windows and doors.

Then she jumped in her chair, startled at the sound
Of plastic and metal on concrete moving around
Then peered out the window to examine the site
And realized the sound of walks being cleared that night
Sounded like Angels she had once Heard On High.

Angels Heard
On High

Jeff Thomason
November 16, 2002