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Visionary Spot Illustration

About JatceStudios!

Jatce Studios is the home to some of the greatest, most visionary illustration being created today. We excel at traditional illustration as well as digital illustration for all types of projects from Storybooks to Magazines to In-store Promotions. We are also pretty good with words. Have you seen any of our Greeting Cards?

Jatce Studios was founded by Jeff Thomason, Cartoonist Extrodinaire. Jeff is the creator of the Cully Koala comic strip and author of the Wandering Koala tales. Jeff’s dream has always been to be a rock star. Unfortunately, he can’t sing, he can’t dance, and he doesn’t look good in tight leather pants. So he decided to pursue his second dream and become a writer and artist.

When he isn’t working on his own creations, he also provides graphic design, web development, and illustrations for companies all over the country including Community Care; Southwest Specialty Foods, Inc.; World Prayer Room; Le Ritz Hotel & Suites; Big H Products, Inc; Galaxy Southwest; Mega Corporation; Members' Auto Center; AIG Financial Advisors; The Arizona Group; The American Back Pain Association; Jefferson School District 251; Double Your Decompression; The American Back Pain Association; Playground Hound, LLC; and many others.

Jeff has published two young adult science fiction novels, The Scientific Method (a Wandering Koala tale) and Power Trip (a Wandering Koala tale).

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